We grow our outdoor plants in full sun with little or no protection. As a consequence, these plants may show the signs of the elements, (i.e., occassional burning of leaves, small white hail damage marks, etc.). Please keep this in mind when ordering these plants.

(K) - Keikis
(MG) - 2-3 Mature Growths
(SMG) - 1-3 Mature Growths
(BS) - Blooming Sized Plants
(G) - Greenhouse Grown
(O) - Outdoor Grown

Reedstem Epidendrums

Epidendrum Hybrids Available for Purchase


New Epidendrum Hybrids

[epi nebo]
EPC. NEBO 'HBO's Lavender Lady' (C. Claesiana x Epi. Obrienianum) - Large 2” lavender flowers with a white lip outlined in lavender (O)- (K) - 14.95

Epidendrum Hybrids In Our Inventory - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

Epi. Helen Yamada 'Kauai Spendor'

Epi. Pink Sensation

EPC. FIREBALL ‘Enewetak’ AM/AOS (C. Lutata x Epi. cinnabarinum)- 2 1/2" yellow orange flowers with red stripe in throat.

(EPI. CONOPSEUM x EPI. BIG RED)'HBO' - Dwarf growing plant with dark red flowers and yellow in throat

[epi. nalo]
EPI. STAR VALLEY 'Nalo'(Epi. Joseph Lii x Epi. radicans) 'Nalo' - Large gold flowers with splashes of orange

EPI. STAR VALLEY (Epi. Joseph Lii x Epi. radicans) 'H.I.O' - Large gold flowers with splashes of orange. Similar in color as the 'Nalo' clone

[epi nani]
EPI. STAR VALLEY 'Nani' (Epi. Joseph Lii x Epi. radicans) - Yellow Gold flowers on compact plants

[IMAGE] [IMAGE]EPC. (EPI. Star Valley x EPC. Fireball) 'HBO's #1' - An example of the spotting in the lip of this hybrid (see next listing)

[IMAGE]EPC. (EPI. STAR VALLEY x EPC. FIREBALL) - Large red to orange blooms with yellow/orange lip that is spotted in red

[Epi_imatoIMAGE]EPI. imatophyllum - large heads of small purple flowers

EPI. secundum 'Yellow Star' Concolor 1/2" yellow flowers in large clusters

SFDRA. (Sl. Psyche x Epi. Sunkist) 'Golden Orange - dwarf growing plants that do not exceed 12 inches with clusters of up to 6 orange and yellow flowers

EPI. POM POM 'Pumpkin' (Epi. Star Valley x Epi. Joseph Lii) - Pumpkin orange flowers on compact plants

EPHS. VEITCHII ‘FCC/RSH’ (Epi. radicans x S. coccinea) - Dwarf growing plant with red flowers lip splashed with yellow

EPHS. VEITCHII 'FCC/RSH' var. Varigata - Same flower as 'FCC/RSH' but with unique variegated leaves -

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