Note Regarding Pot Sizes - We sell our plants based upon the plant size. As a consequence, an overgrown plant in a 2 1/2" pot may be listed as a 4" pot plant.

(NBS) - Near Blooming Size
(BS) - Blooming Size
(O) - Outdoor Grown

Cattleya Seedlings - Mericlones

SLC. FINAL TOUCH 'Mendenhall'AM/AOS(Lc.Drumbeat x Slc. Calif. Apricott) - Round 3+" salmon/orange flowers with yellow in throat and red on the lip. Compact plants. 4" pots - 29.95 (O)
SLC. DREAM CLOUD 'Sparkler'(C. Little Dipper x Sl.Orpetii) - Mini plants lavender with petals splashed with white and darker lavender. 3 1/2" pots (BS)(O) - 17.95

Cattleya Seedlings - Hybrids

Laelia anceps Seedlings - Mericlones

None Currently Available.

Laelia anceps Hybrids - Seedlings

None Currently Available.

Laelia anceps/albida Hybrids - Seedlings (mericlones)

L. SANTA BARBARA SUNSET 'Showtime' HCC/AOS (L. anceps x L. Ancinabrina) Sunset colored blooms on long stems.
(O) 4" pots - $29.95

Other Cattleya Family Outdoor Growing - Seedlings

BPL. Fiftieth Anniversary (Bl. Richard Mueller 'Newberry' HCC/AOS x Epi. conopseum) - Small yellow to apricot flowers on dwarf plants (BS)(O) 3-3 1/2" pots - 19.95

LC. GAIETY FLAMBEAU 'Mendenhall' (Lc. Peggy Huffman x C. Picturata) - Large heads of splashed petaled flowers (O) 2 1/2 pots - 14.95

Oncidium Alliance, Zygopetalums, and Dendrobiums

These plants can grow either outside along with Laelia anceps or other outside growing plants.

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