Are you thinking about making your home better? You can think of decorating it with some new furniture or adding a fireplace. However, when you think of the costs involved in making a fireplace along with other renovations, you dreams can be far fetched. Nevertheless, this should not be the case considering that there is a cheaper and healthy alternative known as the ethanol fireplace. From the fact that it is a ventless fireplace that does not have any special requirements, it is a great addition to any home.

Why should you have an ethanol fireplace installed in youfireplacer living room?

Well, if you are looking for something that looks magnificent, then, this is the change that you should make to the central room of your house. It does not matter where you live. This exceptional fireplace sold at ModaBlaze can be added or used in any home without any problems. It is a ventless fireplace, which comes with the warmth, but devoid of the disadvantages of a regular fires. As such, this means you will not struggle with any bad smell or the pollution that other types of fireplaces come with.

Environmental Friendly Heating

If you have been thinking about making a change to your home that does not harm the environment, then opting for an ethanol fireplace is the smart thing to do. This is because ethanol is made by adding certain chemicals to the grain alcohol, a fact that makes is the non-polluting kind of substance.

Healthy Heating Option

Considering that it does not release any toxic fumes, it is an excellent addition in any setting where a fireplace is needed. You can choose to have this ventless fireplace on the wall, near a couch or even on the table.


ventless fireplaceThe great thing about this fire is the fact that its sleek design makes it the central piece of the room in a second. It will be the first thing that guests will notice once they enter your house. Also, if you are thinking about having a smaller gas or electricity bill, then you should go for this type of fireplace as it will prove to be more cost-efficient in time.

Furthermore, such a fireplace has a real flame, unlike the electric ones that produce heat. Another significant advantage of this ventless fireplace is the fact that you can control the size of the flame, meaning that you can regulate the amount of heat in the room at your convenience.