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Tips for House Cleaning

Every person hates the tedious task of house cleaning. So, what is the ideal method of cleaning your home quickly? Most people are not sure whether they vacuum or dust first. Maybe you are not sure whether to start in the kitchen or the bathroom. Cleaning mentor provides cleaning tips and reviews of tools you need. The following tips can help you clean your home quickly.

Clean the Entire House

cleaningYou should note that cleaning is efficient when you do a single task at a time. For instance, you can do dusting, vacuuming, and mopping for the whole house, instead of cleaning a single room at a time. In doing this, you will not feel as if you are in an infinite cleaning cycle. Moreover, you do not have to start the same cleaning task again and again.

Get the Right Cleaning Tools

It does not matter whether it is a tote, bucket, or caddy; there is a need to have everything you require ready. This will make it easier to do the task. Ideally, you will not waste time searching for tools as you clean. Moreover, you will not be worried about finding them during the next cleaning day.

Clear the Clutter

It is advisable to clear all clutter from all rooms before you begin cleaning. Some of the clutter you should pick includes old sneakers, magazines, and papers. Some of the clutter can be donated while others are burned or disposed of.

Vacuum and Dust

An important tip you should know when cleaning is to turn off the ceiling fans. Then, you should dust the furniture and shelves. Other things you need to dust are TV screens and picture frames. You should tie microfibers to the end of a broom or mop for areas that are difficult to reach, such as upper shelves and blinds.

Wipe Glass and Mirrors

In this case, you can use a damp microfiber and then followed by dry cloth and clean all the glass surfaces and mirrors.


There are certain areas you need to disinfect, such as countertops and handlebars. Wipe down areas such as TV remotes, telephones, doorknobs, and light switches. You can disinfect some of the surfaces like those that deliver germs to faces and fingers. You can create disinfection solutions at home by mixing vinegar with water.

Wash the Cleaning Tools

Many people overlook this. You need to maintain your cleaning equipment and tools. It is advisable to use a vacuum or dirty mop to clean the tools.…


5 Pointers to Ensure a Dust and Stain-Free Floor Carpet

Our floor carpet can be the catch basin of all the dust and dirt that enter our home. From the dirt that gets stuck on our footwear to our pet’s dander and the dusty air from the busy streets outside, all will eventually settle on our carpets. Spills from our coffee mugs and kids’ plates and our pet’s urine can also leave ugly stains on our carpets. Every day, our rugs are exposed to dust, dirt, and stains so cleaning of our carpet should be done on a regular basis.

Vacuum cleaners are essential devices when cleaning our carpets. We cannot rely on brooms alone when our floors have carpet on it, or we will just be removing only the bigger particles. Applying on detergents or other anti-organism formulas is also crucial as the carpet can be a host to dust mites and flea. With a clean floor carpet, our home can become more comfortable and healthier to live in for all the members of our family.

carpetA carpet is essential for the following; it protects the floor from scratches, sitting on the floor is made more comfortable like when you are playing with your kids, prevents slipping and injuries, and it adds to home insulation and aesthetic appeal of our home interior.

When cleaning our carpets, make sure to consider the following essential pointers to ensure that your carpet gets the proper cleaning and care it should get.

Start Cleaning with the Ceiling

Everything falls because of gravity. So, during a general cleaning of your home, start with the ceiling, walls, windows, blinds, cabinets, and beds. The carpet should be the last to clean as all the dust will fall and accumulate on the floor. Before vacuuming, pick up toys, coins and larger pieces of dirt. This will avoid damage to your cleaning machine.

Use a Nozzle Attachment for Hard to Reach Corners

Your vacuum cleaner can only clean exposed parts of your carpet. To clean areas like space below your bed and other furniture, attach a nozzle to your vacuum cleaner to clean them out of dust effectively.

Change the Direction of Your Vacuum

When vacuuming carpets, start cleaning by following one direction. After you covered the whole area of a room, vacuum it again with a direction perpendicular to the first process. By doing so, you are making sure that all sides of the carpet fibers are dust and dander-free.

center tableLook for Stains

Spot stains on your carpet and use detergent to wash off the discoloration. Do not use a brush because fibers may be pulled or disentangled, causing a rough and irregular surface on the carpet. Make sure that you use white cloth because a colored material may add discoloration instead.

Clean Regularly

After cleaning your carpet thoroughly, finish it with a fabric conditioner. You will not only have a dust-free rug but also an excellent smelling one too. Vacuuming regularly will make cleaning your carpet and the entire house a lot easier and convenient. But if you think, general cleaning is a very tedious task; there are professional upholstery and carpet cleaning companies out there for you to hire.…