A home with a wood flooring is a classic and cozy home. Wood is a material that has been used for flooring for the past few decade, and it has proved to be the best. Even with new options available like the tiles and concrete, people still appreciate the beauty of timber flooring auckland experts. Once you enter a home with wood flooring, you notice a different feel that you find in other homes.

How to pick the right wood flooring

Floor piece size and design

Wood flooring comes in wood pieces that are glued together to come up with twood flooringhe final complete floor. The wood pieces come in different sizes from thin ones to larger ones. The size you select is usually due to personal taste and preference, but you can still consider other factors like the size of the room.

For instance, the traditional thin strips can give a small room, a larger feel. On the other hand, if you want a formal look, you can go for the big pieces with a defined look.

Species of the wood

When choosing wood flooring, take the time to determine the type of wood that you want for your floor. Traditionally, hard wood is used for flooring. The most common species are cherry, oak, and maple. These three species are liked for the durability with little maintenance.

On the other hand, we also have types like mahogany that are classified as exotic woods. These woods are not as durable as the hardwoods, but they have a very beautiful striking appearance. They are delicate, and they need proper care and maintenance.

Color and tewood flooringxture

The color you want to achieve in the long run will determine the type of hardwood flooring that you choose. If you want to have a strong brown or black floor, then your best bet is the hardwood floor like oak. If you want gold and softer look, you can achieve this from the exotic woods that tend to give a softer feel.

The texture is also another aspect when it comes to wood flooring. If you want a shiny look, you can buy wood that has been polished. If you want that rough and antique look, you can leave your wood unpolished.