5 Pointers to Ensure a Dust and Stain-Free Floor Carpet

Our floor carpet can be the catch basin of all the dust and dirt that enter our home. From the dirt that gets stuck on our footwear to our pet’s dander and the dusty air from the busy streets outside, all will eventually settle on our carpets. Spills from our coffee mugs and kids’ plates and our pet’s urine can also leave ugly stains on our carpets. Every day, our rugs are exposed to dust, dirt, and stains so cleaning of our carpet should be done on a regular basis.

Vacuum cleaners are essential devices when cleaning our carpets. We cannot rely on brooms alone when our floors have carpet on it, or we will just be removing only the bigger particles. Applying on detergents or other anti-organism formulas is also crucial as the carpet can be a host to dust mites and flea. With a clean floor carpet, our home can become more comfortable and healthier to live in for all the members of our family.

carpetA carpet is essential for the following; it protects the floor from scratches, sitting on the floor is made more comfortable like when you are playing with your kids, prevents slipping and injuries, and it adds to home insulation and aesthetic appeal of our home interior.

When cleaning our carpets, make sure to consider the following essential pointers to ensure that your carpet gets the proper cleaning and care it should get.

Start Cleaning with the Ceiling

Everything falls because of gravity. So, during a general cleaning of your home, start with the ceiling, walls, windows, blinds, cabinets, and beds. The carpet should be the last to clean as all the dust will fall and accumulate on the floor. Before vacuuming, pick up toys, coins and larger pieces of dirt. This will avoid damage to your cleaning machine.

Use a Nozzle Attachment for Hard to Reach Corners

Your vacuum cleaner can only clean exposed parts of your carpet. To clean areas like space below your bed and other furniture, attach a nozzle to your vacuum cleaner to clean them out of dust effectively.

Change the Direction of Your Vacuum

When vacuuming carpets, start cleaning by following one direction. After you covered the whole area of a room, vacuum it again with a direction perpendicular to the first process. By doing so, you are making sure that all sides of the carpet fibers are dust and dander-free.

center tableLook for Stains

Spot stains on your carpet and use detergent to wash off the discoloration. Do not use a brush because fibers may be pulled or disentangled, causing a rough and irregular surface on the carpet. Make sure that you use white cloth because a colored material may add discoloration instead.

Clean Regularly

After cleaning your carpet thoroughly, finish it with a fabric conditioner. You will not only have a dust-free rug but also an excellent smelling one too. Vacuuming regularly will make cleaning your carpet and the entire house a lot easier and convenient. But if you think, general cleaning is a very tedious task; there are professional upholstery and carpet cleaning companies out there for you to hire.…

Finding an upholstery service for your furniture

Furniture is one thing we see in homes, offices or almost every place we go. However, they do get old and worn out with use. Many people replace furniture when they are old, but with furniture upholstery, there is no requirement to do that as you can give them new life.

Types of furnituresofa

There are so many different kinds of furniture, and they vary depending on the location that they are used. For homes, you will see, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, cupboards and many others. In an office too, you will find similar items, and in places like a church, you will see the church pews. All of these can look old and lose their looks when people keep using them over the years.

Wooden furniture

Many households have wooden furniture that they have used for many years. They will also have sofas which often take quite a beating by those who live in the house. But replacing wooden furniture is a costly affair, and if you want to use them for longer, you can get they upholstered, sanded and varnished to give them a new like look.

Steel furniture

Many offices and even homes have a lot of steel chairs and tables. However, they will also have cushions and backrests as part of them. These elements often get worn as time goes by but can also be replaced if you contact a reputable upholstery service.

How to find a reliable company

sofaThere are many furniture shops in every city, however, finding one that specializes in upholstery work can be a little tricky. If you have chairs and other items that are old and made from quality wood, you need to find a company that will service them and do a perfect job without damaging the wood in the process.

Do some research online and search for companies that specialize in upholstery work. There aren’t many around, and when you find one, you can ask them to visit your home and have a look at the items you want to be done. You can tell them what your requirement is regarding the materials used and they will also be able to advise you on the best options.


It is important that you get the prices in writing so that you will know exactly how much you will have to pay them once the work is done.…

What Color Should I Paint My Room If I Have Dark Brown Furniture


Making your room look and feel refreshing is really easy, as long as you know how to match the color of your furniture to the color of the room’s wall. It is also essential for the room to have a calming effect, just by having the correct contrast of the colors used to decorate it. What color should you paint your room if you have dark brown furniture?

Classy with White

White goes well with any color. Blending it with your dark brown furniture will surely give it a touch of sophistication. The feeling of cleanliness radiated by the color white neutralizes the dullness of the furniture. Put these two colors in one room and you will have a comforting and homely ambiance.

coffeeBe Naturalistic with Earthly Colors

If white is too boring for you, get your ideas from Mother Nature. Light lime green or light brown will be the best options for your dark brown furniture. These colors give a soothing feeling not only for your eyes but it also has a calming effect in the body. You still want to emphasize your dark brown furniture in the room so make sure to choose the lighter earthly shades.

Artistic with Contradicting Hues

Bring out your artistic side with unusual color combinations that perfectly blend. Believe it or not, if you paint the walls blue, red, orange, indigo, or yellow and arrange some dark brown furniture around the room; it will give an unusual contrast that is refreshing to the eyes. Just keep in mind to use the lighter hues of these colors to let the furniture pop out its dark brown color. This option gives the impression of creativity and at the same time being modern. Going outside of the box gives amazing results.

Always Safe with Beigefurniture

Beige is always the safe option when you are thinking of a color that will blend well with brown. It adds up character to the room as compared with white. It is being classy and artistic at the same time. Since it is technically the lightest shade of brown, using it as a wall color to match your dark brown furniture will not compromise the balance of hues.
Thinking of the best color to paint your wall if you have dark brown furniture is a bit challenging but these ideas will help you decide which best suites your character and taste. Just be creative and do not be afraid to try something different.…